Norcomm Management is a family run business leveraging over 27 years senior Marketing and Sales enablement experience, we started off working together and its a great partnership, still going strong!

We pride ourselves on getting to understand your business and thus help you in the best way possible.

The team are about practical, hands-on, results focused improvement.  We aim to bridge the gap between company strategy and Marketing and Sales tactics.

Norcomm Management enables our clients to leverage our experience and expertise to help grow their business.



Hi my name is Barrie Norwood

We started Norcomm Management, as a strategic business consultancy.  We use my senior Sales management experience and Elaine’s Marketing know-how to help other companies grow and succeed.

I am a Sales Strategist that has a BA in Economics and an MSc in Communications Business from University College London.

Working with a UK Blue Chip company for 25 years, I have been accountable for delivering many Sales transformation programmes.   


I have been involved in all levels of complex business solutions sales and have helped scale up small company practice to meet the demands of a global market.

I played a key part in the development of strategic growth  plans and implementing the processes, skills, tools and sales enablement programmes to deliver targeted results.

I look forward to using my experience and knowledge to help your business grow and thrive.


Hi my name is Elaine Norwood

We have worked together to start Norcomm Management, as a way of helping our customers, large or small, to leverage our experience and expertise to help grow their business.

I am a Marketing Manager that holds a Diploma in Marketing from CIM.

I have worked with various organisations over the past 20 years, including Blue Chip companies and SMEs across many industries.  I have worked within Marketing Communications, Events Management as well as at a consultant level advising on best practice in Marketing Departments and helping bridge the gap between marketing plans and sales enablement.

We have a very effective strategy that is process driven to ensure that the companies that work with us can effectively realise their goals.

I also believe in the principle that people buy people and although sometimes, as consultants, we have to be a critical friend, we are always here to help, guide and ensure you reach your potential as a business.

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